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  • 08/30/2021 2:12 PM | Melissa Cutcher (Administrator)

    Mardi Humphreys, Change Agent, Integration Edge

    The pandemic made us take a hard look at our priorities. What is now most important to you? In terms of your job, if you were able to pivot (e.g., a restaurant moving from fine-dining in person to at home delivery) or to transition to WFH (e.g., software developing), you’re grateful to have found a way to continue making a living. But now that we’ve moved into COVID-19’s phase of vaccines and variants, do you want to keep this up?

    What Do You Want?

    It’s time to decide what aspects of the working-under-quarantine conditions you want to maintain. Has the way you had to work made you want a different job, maybe even a different career path? If so, you have loads of company. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports 3.6 million Americans quit their jobs in May 2021. But before you start searching for a new situation, get clear on why you want to leave your current one. If you’re running away from this job instead of running to another one, your discontent is likely to follow you. Ask yourself:

    • Am I burned out?
    • Did the pandemic reveal a side of my company’s culture that I can’t support?
    • Were my manager’s expectations unreasonable?
    • Did I discover a remote position would be best for work-life integration? 

    During the work day, when you feel frustrated or stressed, write down what you’re working on or what’s happening. Is it a project, person, and/or PTO? The answers will help you define your non-starters when considering your next role. 

    Defining what you don’t want narrows your choices down to what you do want. Compensation (salary, PTO, insurance, retirement benefits), location, culture, and leadership development are all obvious details you need to consider. But also ask yourself:

    • What does your perfect job look like?
    • Where are you doing it?
    • When are you doing it?
    • Who are you doing it with?
    • Why are you doing it?
    • How are you doing it? 

    What values do the answers to these questions reveal (e.g., freedom, culture, growth)? Rank them in order of importance. For one work week, notice what you are doing when you lose track of time as well as what you are doing when time seems to drag. Write these down and analyze them. While looking for a new position, search for one that allows you to do more of the work you enjoy.

    How Do You Get It?

    Once you figure out what you want, make a list of companies whose mission, vision, and values match yours. LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and Business Journals regularly identify great companies to work for. Target people in these companies you can reach out to for informational interviews. Notify your network that you are looking for a new role. Ask them not only for introductions to hiring managers you want to meet, but also ask how you can help connect them to the decision makers they want to meet. It’s tempting to apply for every job that looks like fun, thinking that eventually one will take, but that’s actually a time waster. It’s more effective to invest your time building relationships with your network. Insiders know a position is available before it gets publicly posted. A good rule of thumb is to network with five people for every one job application you submit.

    Are you thinking about a new position? What are you looking for in a company? 

  • 08/30/2021 2:11 PM | Melissa Cutcher (Administrator)

    Mardi Humphreys, Change Agent, Integration Edge

    The number of posts from my LinkedIn connections announcing their new positions increases every day. Have you noticed it too? The Talent Tsunami is soaking us. Is it tempting you to find a new gig? Even now a job search can still be long, arduous, and uncertain. How can you tell when it’s time to move on?

    In my role as a Change Agent, I ask questions so my clients can visualize both where they are and where they want to be. Next week, we’ll discuss how to figure out where you want to be. But first, here are questions to help you determine whether or not your current employment situation is still worth your T.E.A.M.

    Your Body

    Stress can physically manifest itself. Do you have headaches, nausea, and/or heart palpitations when you’re getting ready for work, at work, or just thinking about work? If so, your subconscious is trying to get your attention.

    Your Mind

    If your talents aren’t being tapped, you’ll get frustrated and, eventually, resentful.

    • Do your skills match the work you’re doing?
    • Are you unhappy the majority of the time you’re working?
    • Are you spending more time on social media than your work?
    • Are you watching the clock hoping time will speed up so you can leave?
    • Do you experience Sunday Scaries? 
    • Are you looking at job postings and daydreaming about them?
    • Are you no longer proud of the work you’re doing?
    • Are you lowering your standards?
    • Do you hear yourself say, “It’s just a job?"
    • Have you lost your passion for the work?
    • Do you see your work as challenges or problems?
    • Careless mistakes (e.g., frequent typos, forgetting scheduled meetings) happen, but too many too often indicates that you’re disengaged from the work. Are you making too many glaring errors?

    Your Environment

    You can try to influence your environment, but the only actions you can control are your own.

    • Is the environment toxic?
    • Is the culture (e.g., you want to WFH and the company insists you spend the entire week at the office) not a good fit for you?
    • Is the company restructuring?
    • Are there rumors of outsourcing your department or selling the company?
    • Are you chronically understaffed?

    Your Development

    • Has the novelty of being the SME worn off?
    • Are you tired of being the trainer and never the one learning something new?
    • Does your employer provide company time and money for upskilling?
    • Is advancement possible?
    • In order for you to move up, does someone have to leave?
    • Can you have a transparent conversation with your manager to find out if what you’re looking for can be attained within the company?
    • Have you taken on more responsibility and the effort has yet to be acknowledged?
    • Have you asked for a promotion at multiple performance reviews and even after completing the tasks your manager told you would result in advancement, they tell you that you’re still not qualified yet?
    • Are you no longer getting highly visible assignments?

    Your Relationships

    • How do you get along with your manager?
    • Does your manager habitually give you instructions and refuse to hear your insight?
    • Does your manager refuse to negotiate benefits or discuss salary?
    • Are conversations with friends and family dominated by complaints about your job?

    When you evaluate whether or not your current employment is worth your T.E.A.M., what criteria do you use?

  • 08/30/2021 1:52 PM | Melissa Cutcher (Administrator)

    The recording from the August 19th CIO Council meeting is here: https://youtu.be/QEMTcufsbvM

    What a great discussion this was! 

    First 45 minutes: "The State of Talent" - Talent and Market Analytics from Greg Riddle and Bo Birchfield, TEKsystems

    Then 5 minute updates from:

    • SOCHE / SOCHEintern
    • Technology First Academy Powered by Sinclair
    • JobsOhio / Find Your Ohio initiative
    • Kable Academy 
    • Handshake Overview from Ohio U

  • 08/30/2021 1:48 PM | Melissa Cutcher (Administrator)

    Find Your Ohio is a program that connects you to incredible Ohio-based job opportunities, so you can build a better life. See for yourself why people from across the nation are choosing to relocate to the Buckeye State and call Ohio home.

    Learn more Your Ohio is a program that connects you to incredible Ohio-based job opportunities, so you can build a better life. See for yourself why people from across the nation are choosing to relocate to the Buckeye State and call Ohio home.

  • 07/13/2021 7:33 AM | Joan Davis

    Do you know a Chatbot Developer who is in the job market?  Check us out! Information Technology Careers | The Greentree Group

  • 06/16/2021 2:04 PM | Kaitlin Quellhorst


    Facility: Child Health Pavilion

    Department: Community Health & Engagement

    Schedule: Full time

    Hours: 40

    Job Details: The Data Analysts, under the guidance of the Children’s Surgery Program Manager, is responsible for integrating people, processes, and technology to improve health care delivery. Through improved documentation and efficiency, the Data Analysts can support our caregivers to improve patient outcomes and provide extraordinary quality of care. The Data Analysts applies clinical knowledge, informatics knowledge, practice experience, critical thinking, and leadership skills to facilitate an interdisciplinary approach to support safe patient centered care. The Informaticist will integrate evidence-based practices, streamline workflows, troubleshoot issues, and assist the organization with delivering new functionality, communicating solutions, collaborating with stakeholders, and crafting solutions.

    Department Specific Job Details: Dayton Children’s Center for Health Equity works to advance health equity solutions so all children can thrive. The Center works to achieve health equity through new approaches anchored in data, outcomes and evaluation across the clinical to community continuum.

    Under the direction of the Executive Director, Center for Health Equity and Director, Health Outcomes Research, the Health Equity Data Analyst, with matrixed reporting to Decision Support Administration, performs a variety of duties related to query design, interpreting data, and the production of appropriate reporting and visualization to support initiatives related to the Center for Health Equity.  

    Working with Center leadership and decision support staff, the Health Equity Data Analyst will identify and gather necessary data that span operational and strategic needs and will build databases, reports, and visualizations to support those needs. This role works closely with leaders to drive reporting and analytics for health equity and social determinants of health programming.


    • Identify information required to make effective strategic decisions related to health equity and health disparities.
    • Translate questions from team members and leadership into data queries.
    • Query, merge and analyze data from EHR system, clinical and public health registries and data sources (e.g., vital statistics registries, EPIC queries, publicly reported websites, etc.).
    • Use large datasets to perform descriptive and statistical analysis.
    • Identify and query appropriate data sources to support clinical and community-based interventions aligned with priorities of the Center.
    • Analyze data using statistical and presentation software for reports.
    • Produce clean datasets that facilitate analysis procedures that support Center initiatives.
    • Support the design of web surveys, administer surveys, and analyze data using SPSS or related software.
    • Support the data needs of team members including Equity Action Lab projects and Equity Catalysts.


    • Generate reports to support a continuous improvement processes by monitoring clinical outcomes, community level measures and process indicators identified through the health equity strategy.
    • Build and maintain the Health Equity Dashboard and related benchmarking reports.
    • Build and maintain system to support data needs of Community Health Needs Assessment and Implementation Plan.
    • Prepare and disseminate fact sheets and profiles related to Center priority topics and reporting requirements.
    • Produce summary reports with Excel, Word, PowerPoint and/or data visualization software as appropriate.


    • Serve on the workgroup leading the development and implementation of annual progress updates for the Dayton Children’s Community Health Needs Assessment and Community Health Implementation Strategy.
    • Act as project and program resource, providing support for team members by building internal capacity for data analysis, interpretation, and visualization.
    • Utilize research findings, critical thinking, clinical analysis and knowledge of current health equity and public health trends to create and maintain an environment for continuous quality improvement. 
    • Engage others in problem solving, improvement plans and decisions. 

    Education Requirements: Bachelors: Health Administration, Bachelors: Information Technology (Required)

  • 05/13/2021 10:33 AM | Melissa Cutcher (Administrator)


    The NASIC Enterprise Architect is responsible for providing systems architecture support, engineering technical solutions, systems integration testing and other development/test support for NASIC’s Information Technology efforts.  The purpose of the position is to serve as the Enterprise Architecture Officer for the Center and Primary Technical Advisor for the Chief Information Officer (CIO).  This position functions as the Enterprise Architecture Office (EAO) team lead.

    This role will define the overall Enterprise Architecture serve as the technical liaison between SC and the mission partners. This individual will assist to define the requirements, conduct technical and solution assessments, as well as cost/benefit analysis to meet the requirement/s.  As part of the Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO), this individual will define the guiding principles and guardrails to assist with the Enterprise governance and align to the NASIC Flight Plan.


    • ·        Collaborate with business owners, architects, and stakeholders to consolidate & align the data centric cloud-based architecture consistent with NASIC's vision & goals to strategic 5 &10 year roadmaps
    • ·        Partners with business peers to develop and present business capability models and roadmaps to facilitate discussion and drive decision making with senior executives across the enterprise.
    • ·        Support the implementation & exchange of AI/ML algorithms & capabilities to integrate w/ external programs operational approach.
    • ·        Coordinate, publish, and communicate the Enterprise Architecture guardrails defining the standards, processes, and patterns to the NASIC Enterprise Architecture
    • ·        Researches and recommends new technologies to achieve improved architectural performance for business efficiency and increased capability while maintaining cybersecurity standards
    • ·        Collaborate with the Mission Line Teams and the Artificial Intelligence Community of Interest defining mission needs to drive in the architecture
    • ·        Communicate and maintain the Enterprise technology stack, and standard technology lifecycle plans
    • ·        Participate in the evaluation of emerging technologies and deliver Concept of Operation documents to enable integrated capability implementation
    • ·        Manage the Enterprise governance framework, verify integration with Department of Defense (DoD) and Intelligence Community (IC) reference architectures
    • ·        Integrate the ISR Governance Panel Reference architectures into NASICs Enterprise governance framework and build and maintain processes to align with the larger IC and DoD communities
    • ·        Facilitate the Architecture Engineering Review Panel, collaborate with mission representatives and panel chairs on architecture design reviews of system & application developments using new technologies, ensuring alignment to approved architecture & to support agile development/maintenance
    • ·        Work directly with Business leads to provide strategic input to the ISR Governance Panel via the Cloud Reference Architecture, Devsecops, and security workgroups.
    • ·        Integrate the ISR Governance Panel Reference architectures into NASICs Enterprise governance framework and build and maintain processes to align with the larger IC and DoD communities.
    • ·        Work with partners within the National community to ensure the NASIC enterprise architecture maximizes the integration and dissemination of data with external programs, i.e .
    • ·        Encourages open lines of communication between all teams and facilitate discussions to resolve problems.
    • ·        Mentors senior technical staff and provides support as an escalation point for critical technical issues.

    Skills Required: (KSAs)

    • ·        Knowledge of backend and frontend web development languages (Java, Python, JavaScript, HTML); and knowledge of database, search, and logging technologies (SQL, MongoDB, Oracle, Elastic search).
    • ·        Knowledge of Microsoft, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and CentOS operating systems; and familiarity with system development life cycle management, IT service management, infrastructure and operations, and architecture and ITIL frameworks.
    • ·        Knowledge of hybrid cloud architectures, infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), service oriented architecture (SOA), application programming interface (API), micro services, cloud service providers
    • ·        (Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft, Google) event-driven IT, and predictive analytics.
    • ·        Comprehensive knowledge of different types of agile and DevSecOps principles, methodologies and frameworks, especially those designed to be scaled at the enterprise level; and understanding of existing, new and emerging technologies and processing environments (Cloud, AI/ML, Quantum, High Performance Computing).
    • ·        Practical working knowledge of project management processes and interactions with IT governance structures. Formal training and certification is preferred (CompTIA Project+, Project Management Professional (PMP)); and working knowledge of planning, collaboration, modeling, and organizational tools (Atlassian Suite, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Project, Microsoft Visio, Cameo).
    • ·        Comprehensive experience with architecture frameworks and models (The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF), Department of Defense Architecture Framework (DoDAF), Joint Architecture Reference Model (JARM)).
    • ·        Ability to translate business needs into Enterprise Architecture requirement and develop conceptual, logical, and physical architecture level artifacts.
    • ·        Excellent written, verbal, communication, and presentation skills with the ability to articulate new ideas and concepts to technical and nontechnical audiences.
    • ·        Ability to provide technical direction to technical staff assigned to projects.
    Chief Technology Officer, Samantha Adducchio (samantha.adducchio.2@us.af.mil)
    DUANE W. HARRISON, DISL, DAF (duane.harrison@us.af.mil>)

  • 05/03/2021 2:42 PM | James Alford


    Position Summary:  The candidate must be able to provide user with needs analysis, system design, implementation, testing and documentation of systems and executes and supervises projects from design through startup, debug and acceptance. The overall job duty of senior programmer analyst is to develop and maintain databases and software applications. The candidate will also often act as a mentor for less experienced team members.

    Duties and Responsibilities

    Successful candidate will support multiple systems from initial system design through enhancing applications to support end users requirements. Responsibilities include analysis, performance monitoring, and diagnosing user needs in determining functional and cross functional requirements.  The individual must be a self-starter capable of managing multiple tasks at the same time while producing high quality results. Knowledge in thorough testing procedures to ensure that systems produces accurate output in a timely manner and that file updating meets agreed upon criteria.
    The overall job duty of the senior programmer analyst is to develop and maintain databases and software applicationsby evaluating client needs; analyzing requirements and will require some development of software systems. Confirms program operation by conducting tests; modifying program sequence and/or codes. Maintains computer systems and programming guidelines by writing and updating documentation. Contributes to team effort by accomplishing related results as needed.


    The candidate should have experience with Oracle and/or SQL Server databases, HTML, .NET and/or ColdFusion and a working knowledge of SQL coding. Knowledge of Kronos, Oracle JD Edwards Enterprise One, MVC, Dynamics 365 integration using REST API’s, Microsoft Common Data Service and Microsoft Power Platform would be helpful. Strong interpersonal and technical communication skills with experience communicating technical information to non-technical personnel is required.

    Desired Experience

    Position requires 3-5 years’ experience. Experience in systems analysis and design, testing, integration and configuration control procedures for business applications systems.  The candidate should possess the ability for identification of improvements for designated systems, development of appropriated policies and procedures.  Performs analysis, establishes programs to monitor performance, develops reports, online systems and analyzes user needs to determine functional and cross functional requirements.

    Education/Years of Experience:

    Degree in Computer Science, Information Systems or related fields or equivalent job experience.

    Hourly or annual rate       $ 65,000 -$85,000

    contact James Alford



  • 04/28/2021 4:29 PM | Melissa Cutcher (Administrator)

    Hobart Food and Equipment Service is hiring for a Senior Systems Administrator. See details on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/view/2506566953/?refId=eJo1tU0dQPm2yVoG3JcbaQ%3D%3D

  • 04/09/2021 1:11 PM | Melissa Cutcher (Administrator)

    Checkout their website for a full listing!


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