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Peer Groups

About Technology First Peer Groups

Peer Groups are affinity groups based on the categories below. We come together to share knowledge and build trust.

If you are looking for a technology community in your area, feel free to participate in as many peer groups as you like. If you are a Technology First member, login to see our group options. 

Registration is always free for Technology First members. We invite you to participate in the discussion. Everyone has access to the Workforce Development forum.

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Senior IT Leaders & CIO Council

Elevate your organization's tech expertise with the esteemed CIO Council. Comprising Dayton's foremost IT leaders, this select consortium delves into the latest trends and optimal strategies. It's a collaborative sanctuary where openness reigns over vendor-centricity. Engage with us for shared wisdom, fresh ideas, and rewarding interactions.


Explore the captivating world of cybersecurity with our dynamic Cybersecurity Peer Group. Engage in spirited conversations on cyber threats, incident response, and security standards. Experience a community-driven atmosphere where real challenges spark innovative solutions. Join us for a journey of learning, sharing, and staying ahead in the ever-evolving cyber landscape.

Data Analytics

Dive into the data lake of Business Intelligence with our Data Analytics Peer Group – a community steering towards success together. Connect with diverse industry representatives to tackle shared challenges, exchange experiences with various applications, and voice your opinions. Let's navigate the realm of Business Intelligence as a united force.

Infrastructure / Cloud

Step into our lively round-table discussion on infrastructure and cloud computing, where your voice shapes the agenda. Engage with urgent industry topics like server-less computing, Kubernetes, zero-trust security, and green computing. Your expertise matters, and diverse discussions relevant to your experiences are encouraged. Join us in this trusted space, fostering collaboration as we navigate the dynamic landscape together.

Women 4 Tech

Join the empowering world of our Women 4 Tech Peer Group. Embrace a vibrant community uniting advocates for women in tech, ranging from entry-level enthusiasts to seasoned executives. Share valuable insights on leadership, networking, and mentorship in a supportive space where both women and men collaborate, fostering diversity and fueling success in the dynamic technology landscape.

Small Medium Business

As an SMB owner wearing multiple hats, navigating tech challenges can feel daunting. In our SMB Peer Resource Group, connect with fellow founders facing similar journeys. Ask questions, learn how to safeguard your company, and discover the basics to scale. It's your space for personalized support and growth.

Workforce Development

Embark on a journey with our Workforce Development Peer Resource Group, where a vibrant community cultivates expertise and support for workforce excellence! Engage with business leaders, ask questions, share insights, and explore upcoming knowledge opportunities. This is your personalized space for support and growth. Let's thrive together!

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