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  • 07/29/2021 2:17 PM | Kaitlin Quellhorst (Administrator)

    Graduate Certificates: Big and Smart Data and Cyber Security Analytics

    Big and Smart Data Graduate Certificate

    Why Choose Big and Smart Data Sciences?

    The Department of Computer Science and Engineering offers a program of graduate study leading to the Education Certificate in Big and Smart Data Sciences. This unique certificate will equip business professionals with the technical foundation needed to manage and analyze Big Data and to create Smart Data-enabled applications for enterprises and individuals.

    There is an unprecedented growth in data collected by all types of organizations for scientific, medical, financial, and other purposes. This comes as a result of activities in our interconnected world including social activities on the web. It is produced using sensors and other high throughput devices on or around individuals and around the globe. This has given rise to Big Data, characterized by five Vs (volume, velocity, variety, veracity, and value). Big and Smart Data Sciences is about the intelligent processing of Big Data for improved insights and decision-making for enterprises and individuals. It is also about creative approaches, methodologies, and techniques that span data acquisition to analysis and applications.

    More info here

    Cyber Security Analytics Graduate Certificate

    Why Choose Cybersecurity Analytics?

    The Certificate in Cybersecurity Analytics contains the four core courses of our Master of Science in Cybersecurity degree. We offer a flexible learning environment with both online and in class courses. You can use this certificate to enhance your current skills or start on the journey to a master’s degree in cybersecurity. We will provide you with the technical foundation needed to understand the major risks associated with cyberspace, and how to begin mitigating those risks.

    Complete this certificate online or on campus.

    More info here

  • 07/29/2021 1:53 PM | Kaitlin Quellhorst (Administrator)

    Mardi Humphreys, Change Agent, Integration Edge

    Why am I, a marketing aficionado, writing about developers? Because their scarcity is about to halt the pace of innovation (the topic of last month’s TECH CONNECT, btw) here in Dayton, Ohio. You know, the birthplace of aviation, the cash register, and the pop-top beverage can? This situation could hurt Dayton’s brand, and that’s where I come in.

    So here we are, fully vaccinated and back in the office, but wait…where is everybody? Where did all the developers go? If they aren’t all WFH, (and research suggests that if you want them to work for you, you should let them work from home, but more on that later…) then they are probably being wined and dined by potential employers like Google, IBM, and Apple because good developers are hard to find. They are few, far between, and in demand right now.

    In 2019, the average time it took to fill a tech position was 66 days compared to taking 43 days to fill non-tech positions. When COVID-19 sent everyone home in 2020, and multitudes of businesses moved to e-commerce, the demand for developers went up exponentially. Here in Q3 of 2021, businesses continue to rethink their strategies thanks to the lessons learned from the digital transformation thrust upon them last year. Plus, evidence suggests that there is no going back to the way things were pre-pandemic. Competition for talent is intense. Simply put, there are more open positions than developers to fill them.

    Why is there a shortage?

    Every employer is now a tech employer: retail, education, finance, healthcare, etc. Reading those industry categories, you can think of at least one name for each of them. Take retail for instance. Kroger not only offers a digital shopping experience, now they are testing drone delivery right in our backyards. Kroger has nearly half a million employees and plenty of them are developers since their digital business doubled in 2020, and they plan to do $20 billion in online sales by 2023.

    Lack of skills:The technology is evolving so fast (like Blockchain, Cybersecurity, and AI) and the necessary skills are so specialized (e.g., Chief Nursing Informatics Officer is a real job) that humans can neither learn fast enough, not get experience fast enough, nor interview fast enough to fill open positions.

    Lack of credentials:Our colleges and universities are playing catchup in offering the languages and internships necessary to work with the emerging technologies, and employers are looking for those college and university names on resumes. To fill open positions, more employers and job seekers are turning to bootcamps as avenues to quickly upskill workforce.

    If you want to be a developer, what should you learn?

    There are a few things you should be well versed in to stand out from the competition and attract a lucrative salary. Employers are looking for developers who are experts in Python; followed closely by JavaScript and Go. If you are looking for certification, CompTIA has paths that are widely accepted by employers and offered by local workforce development companies. Python is the most popular language to date and experience with machine learning is quick on its heels because you have to be able to make sense of all of that collected data. Being able to legitimately list Data Science on your resume is a plus. It’s a bit vague since it could mean anything from data analytics to software engineering, but if machine learning is on your resume, data science can be too. If you are not already certified in Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and/or Google Cloud, get certified. Everything is moving that way. It behooves you to be ahead of the wave. If you want to specialize, then experience in Cybersecurity, AI code testing, or IoT (especially as consumers gain access to 5G) will put you in a good position to get the role you want. But please remember, you also need soft skills like emotional intelligence, flexibility, continuous learning, strategic thinking, and habitual process improvement to thrive in a team environment.

    If you employ developers, how do you keep and attract talent?

    Be flexible:Remember earlier in this article when I said more on WFH later? Well, it’s later. Developers in the market for new positions are in the driver’s seat and plenty of them are driving home. Post-COVID-19, WFH is less of a perk and more of an assumption. Hey, if Microsoft can do it , so can you; particularly as it pertains to where, when, and for how long an employee works for your company. Giving employees options for working in the office, at home, or a combination of both will help you compete for top talent. And flexibility has a wonderful side effect. It helps you with your DEI goals. Offering remote work attracts mothers, diffuses location bias, and ensures accessibility for the physically challenged.

    Communicate: Offer multiple communication channels to promote team bonding. Open a Slack channel for remote workers to discuss what Netflix shows they are currently bingeing as well as separate channels for teams to collaborate on their mutual projects. Smooth onboarding by assigning new hires an ambassador to help them navigate company culture, introduce them to colleagues, and answer questions. In your emails to the entire company, normalize asking for help and promote overcoming challenges together.

    Upskilling: Make continuous education for employees an item in the company budget. It should be a perk of working for you. Partner with local higher learning institutions and talk about emerging technologies, what you think you’ll need, and how you’d like to get your pipeline from them. They want to supply you with future employees as well as upskill your current workforce, you want a skilled workforce, and the workforce wants to, well, work. It’s a win-win-win that keeps everyone in the community in business.

  • 07/29/2021 1:34 PM | Kaitlin Quellhorst (Administrator)

    Computer Programming and Database Management – Computer Software Development Major (CSD)

    The Computer Programming and Database Management – Computer Software Development Major (CSD) is an online degree focuses on the design, development, implementation, and maintenance of software used in a variety of industries. Students gain knowledge of computer operating systems and software development using several programming languages.

    Graduates earn an Associate of Applied Science degree and are prepared to enter the workforce as skilled computer programmers and systems integrators. Graduates may continue their education in a bachelor’s degree program in computer science, information systems, business informatics, or business administration.

    The Computer Software Development Major is primarily offered as an online degree for students who seek that instructional method. Some of the required courses can be taken through in-person classes.

    Curious about software engineering? Learn more about Computer Programming and Database Management - Software Engineering Technology Major (SET) right here.

  • 07/23/2021 1:58 PM | Kaitlin Quellhorst (Administrator)

    As the fall 2021 semester is quickly approaching, UD Career Services is pleased to share upcoming fall recruiting events. Information about each event and a link to register are listed below.

    Fall 2021 Career and Internship Fair *In-Person*

    September 13 from 1-5 PM at UD RecPlex

    Organizations are invited to visit our campus and meet with students and alumni from ALL MAJORS and degree levels seeking employment in internships/co-ops and full-time opportunities. Registration is available through Handshake.

    Fall 2021 Virtual Fairs

    September 15 & 16 from 2-5 PM on Handshake

    September 15 – Science, Technology Engineering, Mathematics (STEM) and Healthcare

    September 16 – Communication, Creative, Business, Human, and Public Services

    The fairs are based on industry groups, not student majors. Registration for both fairs are available on Handshake. 

    Contact employerrelations@udayton.edu with any questions.  

  • 07/21/2021 2:01 PM | Kaitlin Quellhorst (Administrator)

    The University of Dayton Department of MIS and Operations Management is now accepting Company Project Proposals for their MIS and OPS Senior Capstone Projects. 

    These year-long projects (2021-2022 school year) allow students to learn by applying the theories they learn in the classroom to real world projects

    Firms benefit by having a fresh set of eyes and ears focused to carry out proposed improvements.  In these projects, both assigned faculty and sponsor management guide the assigned student teams.

    There is no cost to companies sponsoring projects.

    Submitted project proposals should be submitted by August 16th.

    UD MIS/OPS 2021-2022 Senior Capstone Project Proposalhttps://drive.google.com/file/d/1gTIzgc2oMGty1l352Y6a6UWeHVEU4gnK/view?usp=sharing

    Any questions can be directed to : Stephen Hall, Director, Center for Project Excellence, shall2@udayton.edu

  • 07/21/2021 1:49 PM | Kaitlin Quellhorst (Administrator)

    Franklin University is excited to share our newest Industry-Endorsed Microcredential programs. You can gain professional training for in-demand skills with just three, six-week courses! Choose from: 

    • Asana Project Management with Agile 
    • Facebook Digital Marketing 
    • Salesforce Administrator 
    • Tableau Data Analytics 

    Fall term begins August 16th! Learn more at: www.franklin.edu/microcredentials

  • 07/19/2021 4:25 PM | Kaitlin Quellhorst (Administrator)


    Cybersecurity careers and jobs keep growing and expanding. Community College Cyber Summit (3CS) is hosting a Career Exploration event to help you understand the field and learn about many and varied career opportunities. Cybersecurity 2- and 4-year students and recent graduates are invited to participate. You will have an opportunity to talk to professionals in the field about careers and jobs, and attend conference sessions specifically geared towards students to learn about advancements in the field. 3CS will be held November 5-7, 2021.


    Regional and national companies, government agencies and universities will share their opportunities for careers, advancement, and jobs with attendees. Additionally, over 400 college faculty and workforce development professionals from across the nation will be present.


    • Discover a variety of cybersecurity careers and job opportunities
    • Learn about the developments in the field by attending 3CS sessions
    • Meet cybersecurity professionals to discuss skills and opportunities
    • Meet peers and faculty to learn about different education programs


    • Local Student: If you live within a 50 mile radius from the college you are entitled to a $75 stipend to cover the registration ($25) and incidentals.
    • Regional Student: If you live within a 100 mile radius from the college you are entitled to a $250 stipend for travel, lodging, registration ($25) and incidentals.
    • National Student: If you live over 100 miles from the college you are entitled to a $500 stipend for travel, lodging, registration ($25) and incidentals


    • You are required to complete the application form found at https://form.jotform.com/81047053504145
    • Once approved, you are required to register for 3CS. The registration enables you to attend the Career Exploration event, the 3CS sessions, and the conference social events
    • You will need to spend your own funds and will be reimbursed AFTER the conference upon completion of the 3CS Stipend Form.

    For more information about the Community College Cyber Summit (3CS), visit my3cs.org 

  • 07/19/2021 2:03 PM | Kaitlin Quellhorst (Administrator)

    Are you seeking recent graduates or alumni? Interested in building a co-op/internship program with Wright State University? Simply forward your job/internship postings to sheryl.kent@wright.eduIn return, Sheryl will send a targeted e-mail blast out to Wright State University students and faculty as well as include your postings in Wright State's CECS LinkedIn Group: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/961807.

    You are also encouraged to post your positions to Handshake- WSU's resume referral database.  This system will allow you to post your position, view potential candidates, and register for career related events. Any questions regarding this system should be directed to Career Services, 937-775-2556.

    For a complete list of our majors in the College of Engineering and Computer Science, please visit: https://engineering-computer-science.wright.edu/degrees-and-certificates


    • Update your Company Profile on Handshake (WSU’s online job board and resume referral system) to ensure students get a great impression of your brand. Upload your current logo, describe your company culture, provide key statistics, post jobs and host events to impress students. Refresh your company profile now by logging in here
    • Create a Virtual Recruiting Event on Handshake to spotlight your organization and to connect with students from targeted majors.  
    • Request a Virtual Information Session (Career Talks, Coffee Chat, Job Search Presentations, etc.) to provide an interactive and engaging virtual presentation.
    • Participate in Manufacturing Day (Founded by NAM, first Friday in October) and Engineering Week (Founded by NSPE, Mid-February)
    • Other ways to build your brand: Virtual Resume Critiques, Virtual Mock Interviews, Virtual Guest Speaker for Student Clubs/Organizations

    QUESTIONS? Seeking customized assistance? The Brandeberry Career Development Center offers a variety of opportunities to volunteer on campus to increase your company's visibility within the College of Engineering and Computer Science.  Please contact me for more information. Simply email sheryl.kent@wright.edu or call 937-775-4491. 

    We look forward building your brand on campus.

  • 07/19/2021 1:55 PM | Kaitlin Quellhorst (Administrator)

    Ohio students are always searching for internship opportunities. SOCHEintern handles recruitment, applications, employee taxes, onboarding, orientation, hiring and payroll and customizes your internship program according to your unique business needs. Work with SOCHEintern to take full advantage of the energy and fresh ideas interns bring while reducing your hiring and training costs. Click here, email us at soche@soche.org or call (937) 258-8890 to find your interns.

  • 07/19/2021 1:40 PM | Kaitlin Quellhorst (Administrator)

    Tickets available for Dayton’s premier entrepreneurship conference

    Registration is live for Launch Dayton Startup Week, the Dayton region s premiere opportunity for entrepreneurs to connect and network with both resource providers and fellow founders.

    This free, annual, week-long, community-focused conference brings together the region s thinkers, dreamers, doers, makers, entrepreneurs and small business owners.

    “Speakers and workshops have been curated to celebrate the diversity of our startup community and to spur tangible progress for local businesses,” said Launch Dayton Startup Week organizer Audrey Ingram. “At Launch Dayton, we believe everyone should have the opportunity to determine their own economic prosperity. We hope Startup Week serves as a launching point for these young companies that will drive the economic future of the region.”

    All experiences are welcome — whether a seasoned entrepreneur or new to the community, there is space to jump in. Register here: https://bit.ly/LaunchDaytonStartupWeek2021

    This year’s conference is made possible thanks to generous support from title sponsors Canary Consulting, Parallax Advanced Research and the Entrepreneurs’ Center.


    Who: Dayton’s startup founders, entrepreneurs, innovators, small business owners, business leaders, entrepreneurial resource providers, business-building experts, and more

    What: Launch Dayton Startup Week, the Dayton region’s premier entrepreneurship conference

    When: Sept. 13-16, 2021

    Where: All of this year’s sessions will be held in the historic Dayton Arcade complex, from the main stage, startup market and pitch competition in the Rotunda, to business workshops in The Hub, to industry-specific tracks in the The Tank and an artists + creative entrepreneurs track in The Contemporary’s gallery space. (We'll also be live-streaming sessions for those who prefer to attend virtually.)

    Why: to celebrate the diversity of Dayton ’s entrepreneur community and to spur tangible growth for local businesses

    Be Inspired:

    Monday, Sept. 13 we'll kick off at 8:30a with inspirational stories and how-to talks from founders offering advice that applies across industry lines, all told from our main stage in the historic Rotunda. Shop local businesses throughout the day at the Launch Dayton Startup Week Startup Market, hosted in partnership with Tae Winston, founder of the The Entrepreneurs' Marketplace, Shoppe & Connection.

    Stick around after the final keynote for a social hour, followed by the Launch Dayton Startup Week Early Risers Pitch Competition, where 10 local startups will compete for cash + prizes, starting at 6p.

    Want to pitch & win up to $5K in cash + prizes? Apply here by Aug. 13: https://bit.ly/PitchLaunchDaytonStartupWeek2021

    Hear & network with:

    • Mile Two founders Jeff Graley and Jorge Sanchez talk about growing from a four-man shop during the first Startup Week to landing a $15M government contract;
    • Maximize the Money You Have — Financial guru Emerald Sparks & Arcani Coil Care founder Jerricha Hoskins will talk about getting out of the mindset that someone else will give you money to launch your business;
    • A panel of business owners will discuss Doing Business in 2020 —we’ll talk about the challenges of the pandemic and rising hate crimes, as well as opportunities stemming from the recent push for racial justice;
    • Marketing experts will debunk the most common marketing myths they hear from clients looking to launch or grow their business on a budget;
    • Neurosurgeon turned entrepreneur & investor Dave Kirschman will share his story, from his entrepreneurial start in a college dorm room to his $90M X-spine Systems exit. His current company, Aerobiotix, produces an air filtration system for operating rooms.
    • Nickole Ross, cofounder of the only minority-owned and Black woman-operated processing facility in Ohio’s burgeoning cannabis industry, will sit down with What’s The Biz founder Te’Jal Cartwright to talk about breaking into an industry that has disproportionately harmed her community.

    Register here: https://bit.ly/LaunchDaytonStartupWeek2021

    Work On Your Business:

    Tuesday through Thursday, dig deeper into your business with industry-specific tracks and get hands-on with various workshop opportunities. We'll kick off after lunch and go until 8p to create more opportunities for aspiring founders to attend. Partners have curated a series of offerings for founders innovating in the areas of:

    Tuesday, Sept. 14

    • MedTech, curated by BioOhio;
    • SaaS, curated by Technology First;
    • Business 101 classes, curated by Parallax’s Early Risers Academy;
    • Marketing workshops, curated by LMG
    • Elevator pitch practice — in an actual elevator

    Wednesday, Sept. 15

    Thursday, Sept. 16

    Register here: https://bit.ly/LaunchDaytonStartupWeek2021

    Join us in-person by entering the Dayton Arcade via The Hub Powered by PNC, at 31. S. Main Street, downtown Dayton. Park at the Reibold Garage on Fifth Street, or park at meters available around the building.

    Prefer to attend virtually? Register now, and as the conference gets closer, we'll send you a link to download the official Launch Dayton Startup Week app. The app, available on iOS, Android and the web, will allow you to personalize your schedule, attend sessions, connect with attendees, find resources, and win prizes.

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