Boerger Consulting, LLC

Boerger Consulting, LLC
1511 Groesbeck Road
Cincinnati, Ohio 45224

Phone: 5133946317

Contact Information

Jeremy Boerger

Tech Source Member

Company Description

Boerger Consulting, LLC, is a boutique consulting firm focused on helping businesses reduce the overall operational cost of their Information Technology (IT) department by properly managing, measuring, and tracking their hardware and software assets.

We leverage a unique view of IT Asset Management best practices and data theory to build out critical success factors (CSFs) and key performance indicators (KPIs) that directly and demonstrably relate to how well an IT department leveraging its hardware and software expenditures. These views and techniques are “tool agnostic” by design, so they can work with any software, hardware, or all-encompassing IT asset management systems. This information then becomes the basis for accurate and reliable hardware and software purchasing decisions, volume license agreement negotiations, and audit defense actions.

Technology Offered

• Asset Management
• License Agreement
• Software Audit
• Software License
• Hardware Support

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