Advanced Technology Consulting (ATC)

Advanced Technology Consulting (ATC)
8734 Union Centre Blvd.
West Chester, Ohio 45069

Phone: 513-234-4778

Company Description

ATC provides telecom and IT services—and expertise—packaged around voice, data, cloud and security technologies. ATC has been at the forefront of the telecom-IT convergence, modeling an innovative practice to help organizations create business value from wide area networks (WAN), IT, and the cloud. ATC’s solution-agnostic approach and extensive network of over 100 technology providers ensures right-sized and right-priced IT solutions for clients.

Technology Offered

• Voice Networks
• VoIP
• UCaaS
• IaaS
• Colocation
• Cyber Security
• Big Bandwidth
• Unified Communications
• Enterprise Mobility
• Cloud Services
• Hybrid Networks
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