Barcode Technologies & Services, Inc

Barcode Technologies & Services, Inc
11071 Deerfield Rd
Cincinnati, Ohio 45242

Phone: 513-891-4343
Phone: 513-484-1840
Fax: 513-891-4343

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Dan Fisher

Tech Source Member

Company Description

Barcode Technologies & Services, Inc. is a full service provider of Auto ID (Barcode), RFID and Card solutions. Much of our customer base is in Manufacturing/Distribution, Warehousing, Supply Chain, Healthcare and various other markets. Headquartered in Cincinnati, OH, our offerings include sales, service, maintenance/repair, technical support and service bureau (preprint). Core offerings include printers, print engines, terminals, scanners, imagers, verifiers, software solutions, media, ribbons, RFID solutions, as well as print and apply systems and other peripheral accessories related to Auto ID, RFID and Card solutions.

We understand that printing labels can be time consuming and expensive to manage. BTS is relieving much of that burden with products and services that are proven to cut costs and improve overall efficiency.

BTS offers a wide selection of labels, tags and ribbons. And our service bureau—offering customers the option to outsource their label printing to us—guarantees quick turn around and the highest quality work … satisfaction guaranteed.

No two businesses are exactly alike. Nor do they have the same label printing and bar coding needs. That’s why we address every customer’s issues individually, expertly tailoring solutions to overcome unique challenges and address specific needs.

Time and again, customers express their appreciation for the convenience and peace of mind Barcode Technologies and Services affords them. In fact, they’ve labeled us their “provider of choice.” Now that’s a label worth living up to.
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