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It's Time To Start Thinking Differently About CyberSecurity Training

01/31/2023 11:41 AM | Marla Halley (Administrator)

It’s no secret that finding and keeping talent in the Information Security space continues to be challenging for organizations. 

 We must continue to think differently about how we recruit and retain talent, what resources we utilize, and how we engage in the community.

Why Developing your teams is critical to building a robust security program:

  • Demands from regulations and cyber insurance require training as part of your business plan
  • It helps prepare your team and gives opportunities for more responsibilities and promotion – advancement
  • It helps with testing efficiency and knowledge within the area of expertise
  • Improvement of security knowledge/skills
  • Cross-training teams – to avoid single points of failure

Things for consideration in building a training program:

  • Blended Learning Programs – Meeting people where they are (not everyone learns the same way)
  • Funding Sources – Ohio TechCred as an example
  • Consider building out repeatable training programs that align with business needs

Finding Talent:

  • Creating Apprenticeships programs with current teams from other areas of the business
  • Creating Security Champions
  • Attending local conferences to find talent
  • Working with High School STEAM Programs
  • Engage with local Special Interest Groups

For the Ohio Information Security Conference, ReynCon will present “Building a Cybersecurity Culture: It’s Time to Think Differently About Training.” Join us at Sinclair Conference Center at 10:45 am on 03/01/23

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