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Should You Surf the Tsunami? - Talent Series Part 1

08/02/2021 7:15 PM | Deleted user

Mardi Humphreys, Change Agent, Integration Edge

The number of posts from my LinkedIn connections announcing their new positions increases every day. Have you noticed it too? The Talent Tsunami is soaking us. Is it tempting you to find a new gig? Even now a job search can still be long, arduous, and uncertain. How can you tell when it’s time to move on?

In my role as a Change Agent, I ask questions so my clients can visualize both where they are and where they want to be. Next week, we’ll discuss how to figure out where you want to be. But first, here are questions to help you determine whether or not your current employment situation is still worth your T.E.A.M.

Your Body

Stress can physically manifest itself. Do you have headaches, nausea, and/or heart palpitations when you’re getting ready for work, at work, or just thinking about work? If so, your subconscious is trying to get your attention.

Your Mind

If your talents aren’t being tapped, you’ll get frustrated and, eventually, resentful.

  • Do your skills match the work you’re doing?
  • Are you unhappy the majority of the time you’re working?
  • Are you spending more time on social media than your work?
  • Are you watching the clock hoping time will speed up so you can leave?
  • Do you experience Sunday Scaries? 
  • Are you looking at job postings and daydreaming about them?
  • Are you no longer proud of the work you’re doing?
  • Are you lowering your standards?
  • Do you hear yourself say, “It’s just a job?"
  • Have you lost your passion for the work?
  • Do you see your work as challenges or problems?
  • Careless mistakes (e.g., frequent typos, forgetting scheduled meetings) happen, but too many too often indicates that you’re disengaged from the work. Are you making too many glaring errors?

Your Environment

You can try to influence your environment, but the only actions you can control are your own.

  • Is the environment toxic?
  • Is the culture (e.g., you want to WFH and the company insists you spend the entire week at the office) not a good fit for you?
  • Is the company restructuring?
  • Are there rumors of outsourcing your department or selling the company?
  • Are you chronically understaffed?

Your Development

  • Has the novelty of being the SME worn off?
  • Are you tired of being the trainer and never the one learning something new?
  • Does your employer provide company time and money for upskilling?
  • Is advancement possible?
  • In order for you to move up, does someone have to leave?
  • Can you have a transparent conversation with your manager to find out if what you’re looking for can be attained within the company?
  • Have you taken on more responsibility and the effort has yet to be acknowledged?
  • Have you asked for a promotion at multiple performance reviews and even after completing the tasks your manager told you would result in advancement, they tell you that you’re still not qualified yet?
  • Are you no longer getting highly visible assignments?

Your Relationships

  • How do you get along with your manager?
  • Does your manager habitually give you instructions and refuse to hear your insight?
  • Does your manager refuse to negotiate benefits or discuss salary?
  • Are conversations with friends and family dominated by complaints about your job?

When you evaluate whether or not your current employment is worth your T.E.A.M., what criteria do you use?

* Note to Employers: Job postings will be removed after 60 days.

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