Technology First Leadership Awards

Award of Excellence – Student Project

An I.T. college student or team that exhibited excellence while delivering a capstone project

The Winner: Cedarville University’s I.O.T. Laundry Monitoring System Team

For their senior design project, this student team of computer and electrical engineers addressed the frustrating dormitory dilemma of getting to the laundry room only to learn that all the machines are being used by other students. To create effective laundry monitoring in one of the Cedarville dorms, the team made a working prototype system including custom-made printed circuit boards with sensors and wireless micro-controllers to send data up to an A.W.S. database and back-end. They also created a responsive web service for residents to monitor all 16 machines in real-time and get alerts when machines are available or when their loads of laundry are done.

And the Finalists:

  • University of Dayton’s Application Support Team

This senior M.I.S. capstone team from University of Dayton partnered with Dayton Children’s Hospital to provide several IT services including SharePoint database administration of application data and SharePoint communication site development for the Hospital’s end users. Their application support solution will act as a central repository of information regarding Dayton Children’s entire application catalog and should help strengthen, diversify, and expand the application services to the entire hospital.

  • Wright State University’s Sensor Communications Team

Grid Sentry partnered with this Wright State M.I.S. team to explore and describe outdoor alternatives for sensor -to-sensor communications between power lines. This project was particularly challenging because it was an unplanned capability for the company’s infrastructure and no literature currently exists on the matter. After much research and assessment, the team ultimately chose radio frequency, weightless wireless, and narrowback I.O.T. as the three finalist technologies. Grid Sentry used the student’s data to move forward with obtaining proof of concepts for the various technologies.

Technology First Leadership Awards

Most Promising Startup

A technology startup that has shown great innovation and promise in the Dayton and southwest Ohio region

The Winner: Ascend Innovations

Ascend Innovations is a digital health firm owned by Premier Health, Kettering Health Network, and Dayton Children’s. Their core capabilities are comprised of data science, digital design, software development, and research. They build digital health products for a variety of use cases within the health care industry. Some of their recent innovations include the Vye mobile application that monitors ocular response times to provide early detection of neurological conditions such as concussions or impairments. Other recent projects have been in coordination with Montgomery County’s opioid epidemic and with the Air Force Research Lab to assist first responders.

And the Finalists:

  • Ignyte Assurance Platform

With history developing and implementing best practices regarding security, risk, and compliance, Ignyte has transformed into the ultimate translation engine for simplifying compliance across regulations, standards, and guidelines. They have created a platform to assist with data collection, analysis, and to help streamline processes across multiple security frameworks at once and provide technology enabled services to the Healthcare, Defense, Manufacturing, and Finance and Banking industries.

  • Soar Technology Inc.

SoarTech is an artificial intelligence software company that has been doing research on A.I. software that “thinks the way people think” for government research customers in the Department of Defense and Department of Transportation. SoarTech’s research focuses on Autonomous Platforms and Intelligent Training, and they are a leader in developing cognitive models of human reasoning which are systems which perceive, decide, and act autonomously or alongside humans to enhance human performance. SoarTech is now exploring how to prepare and introduce their research products into the market by starting up a productization capability to bring AI to the government and commercial market.

Technology First Leadership Awards

Emerging Leader

An I.T. professional that has exhibited excellence and technical leadership within their organization

The Winner: Nicole Robbins from Midmark Corporation

Nicole is the I.T. Manager over Service Desk at Midmark Corporation. She leads a team of 15 teammates responsible for the help desk, workstation support, productivity software support, mobile technologies, and collaboration equipment as well as a host of other related responsibilities. Over the past few years, Nicole has successfully led the maturation of her team as measured by outstanding improvements in Midmark’s feedback survey results. Her passion, dedication, and her drive to improve have made the Service Desk team the successful team it is today.

And the Finalists: 

  • John Huffman from University of Dayton

John is the I.T. Service Center Specialist for the University of Dayton Information Technologies. He provides first level customer support for a wide variety of systems and oversees a staff of over 20 student employees. John’s greatest contribution to U.D.i.t. has been the development of 3 different comprehensive training programs to best prepare his ever-changing staff of students, ultimately ensuring they provide the best services possible when engaging with customer requests.

  • Michael Martin from Smart Data

Michael serves as the C.I.O. for a local tech company, Smart Data. His main responsibility is to enable the Smart Data teams, ensuring they can deliver the company’s values and excellent service to their partners. Over the past 3 years Michael has used his skills to move Smart Data to a place of agile maturity which has led to success for the company and its clients.

Technology First Leadership Awards

IT Executive of the Year

A senior level professional responsible for influencing progress and developing teams through leadership excellence

The Winner: Karl Konsdorf from Sinclair Community College

Karl is the Director of Research, Analytics and Reporting at Sinclair Community College. His role is divided between internal and external needs. Within his department Karl oversees the four major functions of database management, strategy informed research, reporting functions, and data quality. Outside of his department Karl provides leadership in the areas of data informed strategy development and assists executives with research-based assessment and planning.  

And the Finalists: 

  • Treg Gilstorf from Yaskawa Motoman Robotics

Treg is the C.I.O. at Yaskawa Motoman Robotics. He is responsible for providing overall leadership and direction for the I.T. department, which includes developing and implementing I.T. initiatives that improve the company's efficiency, productivity, and customer satisfaction. Additionally, he leads the company's annual strategic and business planning process.

  • Phil Norris from Boost Engagement

Phil is the C.I.O. at Boost Engagement. He oversees four business lines including the promotional products, e-commerce stores, therapeutic pillows, and out of the box businesses. Phil has spent his time at Boost Engagement upsetting the industry through lean platform development and data warehousing strategies. His team of highly skilled engineers helps deliver on the company’s strategies and push them past the competition.

Technology First Leadership Awards 

Best IT Services Company

An I.T. company that has increased its investment in the Dayton and southwest Ohio region through revenue, jobs, or capacity

The Winner: Smart Data

Smart Data is a tech company that focuses on Web and Mobile Development, U.I. and U.X. Design, Custom Software, Data Science, and IT Consulting and staffing services. In the past year Smart Data’s growth resulted in 80 jobs with over 20 of those being in Dayton. Smart Data continuously makes significant financial investments in the Dayton region as well as to the greater Dayton community.

And the Finalists:

  • Afidence

Afidence is a technology services firm. Their practices include Project Management, Application Development, Cybersecurity and Compliance, Infrastructure Cloud Computing, and Business-Aligned Technology Strategy as well as managed I.T. and staff augmentation services. In 2018 they hired 10 new employees and 3 contractors, 9 of which are in the Dayton region and their year-over-year revenue growth was 11%.

  • Crown Castle Fiber

Crown Castle Fiber is a tech company that offers Dark Fiber, Ethernet, Wavelength, Private Networks, Internet Access, Colocation, Cloud Connect, Optical Encryption, Ultra-low latency, D.D.O.S Defense, and Video Transport solutions. Their expansion plans in Dayton and surrounding areas has totaled more than $1.3 million so far this year expanding their fiber footprint across multiple verticals in the market.

Technology First Leadership Awards

Outstanding Technology Team

An I.T. department that has impacted the efficiency, productivity & performance of their company

The Winner: The Technical Integration Team from Midmark Corporation

The Technical Integration Team Project began as a result of Midmark acquiring Versus Technologies, which provides Real Time Location Services to healthcare organizations, primarily hospitals and doctor’s offices.  The primary goal of the team’s project was to integrate Versus into the Midmark corporate network and transition their hardware, software, and support to the existing Midmark standards including remediation of several cyber-security concerns that had been identified during due diligence.   Being the first time Midmark acquired a software technology solution provider, several new challenges were encountered that had never been seen before.  After a 7-month effort, the team had accomplished all the original project deliverables as well as conquered the unexpected challenges resulting in a significantly successful outcome for Midmark.

And the Finalists…

  • The I.T. Department from Boost Engagement

Boost Engagement’s I.T. Department helped solve major business problems this past year including building out a brand new e-commerce platform to meet customer needs, creating what they call Data Bridge to interconnect all the different sources of data and combining them into a single data warehouse, and the implementation of Tableau to report on data and get answers to critical business questions.  Because of these accomplishments, the business has streamlined order flow through their E.R.P. and reduce their touchpoints by a factor of three as well as make better data-driven decisions around price, margin, volume, buying behavior, inventory, and so much more.

  • The Server-Based Computing Team from Sinclair College

The Server Based Computing Team at Sinclair Community College is comprised of five impressive systems engineers.  They are involved in 20 projects defined in Sinclair’s Master Plan such as migration from Windows Server 2012 to 2016, migration of faculty and staff email systems from Exchange 2010 to Office365, implementation of new Mimecast spam filter, implementation of elastic stack centralized log management solutions, and more.  Aside from their 20 plus projects throughout the year they provide 24/7/365 server and server based application support for all Sinclair’s faculty, staff and students and increased server uptime to 99.99%.  This team has engaged in an incredible number of projects, solved many highly complex problems and supported each other’s efforts in innumerable ways all while saving Sinclair tens of thousands of dollars. 

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