Robin PoffenbergerRobin Poffenberger, Systems Manager Washington-Centerville Public Library

1. What was your first job?
In high school, I worked in a jewelry store adhering price stickers to the merchandise during the summer and gift-wrapping purchases during the holidays.
2. What has been your greatest career achievement?
We just completed a building renovation and expansion of our Woodbourne Library location. Anyone that knows me well knows that building a house ranks high on my “life’s most miserable experiences” list.
In comparison, being part of the team for the Woodbourne project was an amazing time in my life. From debating options in the planning phase to checking every computer one last time on opening day, working with a great group of dedicated people made all the difference.
I am extremely grateful for the opportunity this project gave me to learn and grow from both a technical perspective and as a leader. Feeling the anticipation and excitement of everyone walking through the door on opening day and the pride I feel every time I walk in the building are memories that will stay with me forever.
3. What business or technology initiatives will be most significant in driving IT investments in your organization in the coming year?
After a large investment in facilities this year, we will be switching our focus in 2019 to the material and program offerings provided by the Library.
Our primary IT investments will revolve around upgrading our Integrated Library System software and finishing the website overhaul in progress. Both of these systems play a large role in providing access to, and information about, all of the programs, materials, and services the Library offers. 
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