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Workforce Development

Thank you for stopping by the Workforce Development forum! We are here to support computer science educators in our region by connecting them to our members. If you are an educator, then feel free to let us know what you need help with. For example, Do you need a guest speaker well versed in cybersecurity to present to your class and answer their questions? Post that request here along with your contact information. Our members can then view and respond. If you are a member and can be of service, then please respond to the educator directly. Members can also view the spreadsheet provided by the Montgomery County Service Center.

Here's the link to MCESC's monthly educator survey: We'll have our local partner districts update their lists of needs each month! If you have any questions on how to get more involved with our local Computer Science Educators Network, reach out to Bryan Stewart, Workforce Director at the Montgomery County Educational Service Center via email at

SOCHE is a leader for higher collaboration, engaging with colleges, universities, and industry to transform the economy through education and employment. Interested in learning more about hiring an intern? Complete their contact form.

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